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Avoid unwanted dental surprises with Prophix

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Running out of gas …
Burning your dinner …
Realizing the milk’s gone bad ...

We’ve all had those annoying “Surprise!” moments—the ones where we didn’t pay attention to a potential problem until it was too late. But unlike running out of gas or having to pitch dinner into the trashcan, unwanted dental surprises could have serious consequences for your health. Discovering that five new cavities have developed since your last dentist visit? Being unexpectedly diagnosed with gingivitis? No thanks. Here’s how you can use Prophix to make sure those kinds of surprises don’t happen to you:


Track your routine: Prophix’s progress tracking feature lets you monitor your brushing routine and it incentivizes good habits. You won’t forget to brush, and you’ll brush for the right amount of time.

Take, tag, and compare photos: Use Prophix to snap pictures of the inside of your mouth and tag areas of concern like discolorations or cracks. Take and compare photos over time, and if a problem isn’t improving, schedule a dentist visit.


Share photos with your dentist: Great communication with your dentist helps you receive the oral care that perfectly suits your unique mouth. Sharing the photos you take with Prophix can open up a discussion about your specific concerns and the treatment options that are best for you. Empower yourself to better understand and monitor your oral health with Prophix, and steer clear of those unwanted surprises in the dentist’s chair!