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Avoid spooky tooth trouble this Halloween with these easy tips

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Halloween is just around the corner—and with it comes the inevitable tidal wave of sugary treats! While it’s perfectly reasonable to get into the (ghostly) spirit and indulge in some candy, it’s also a great time to pay extra attention to your oral health.

Sugary food leaves behind residue that oral bacteria use to produce acidic plaque, which eats away at tooth enamel. Here are some great ways to stop or stave off tooth decay and other problems caused by sugar consumption.

Rinse or brush after eating sugar. Regular rinsing (especially with fluoridated water) and brushing will remove sugar residue.

Eat candy after meals. Save Halloween treats for after lunch or dinner, when saliva production is high. Saliva naturally fights the acids that cause tooth decay. Balance your candy intake with with nutritious foods like leafy veggies and high-fiber foods—these encourage lots of chewing, which gently polishes teeth and increases saliva flow.


Use a rubber scaler. Plaque can build up in hard-to-reach places (for example, behind lower front teeth) every six weeks or so. If neglected, it can harden into tartar. A rubber scaler attachment has three working edges to get in between teeth which can help keep stubborn buildup at bay until your regularly-scheduled cleaning.

Follow these simple suggestions, and you’ll have a happy Halloween that doesn’t lead to “Jack-o’-lantern teeth”!