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Tech-lovers: Use your phone to improve your oral health habits!

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Our ongoing romance with all things digital might have gone too far this time: A 2014 Bank of America survey reveals that 96% of millennials think their phones are the most important product in their daily lives. The next-most-important items? A toothbrush (93%) and deodorant (90%).

Thank goodness we live in an era where your oral care doesn’t have to take a backseat to your phone—in fact, now you can combine the two!

Prophix—named one of the “coolest gadgets and gizmos” by Advertising Age—pairs with an exclusive app that’s loaded with features to innovate and improve your oral health habits:

phone-video.jpg• Watch a livestream of your brushing, getting a peek at those hard-to-see (and often neglected) areas of your mouth.

• Snap photos of your mouth, tagging areas of concern to show to your dentist.

• Store “baseline” photos in the album and use them to track oral care progress over time.

• Monitor your daily and weekly routines in the “Progress” section, which collects your brushing data.

phone-time-progress.jpg• Incentivize brushing by tracking your "streaks.” Two minutes in the morning and two at night for seven days in a row earns you reward points!

• Get easy-to-follow, motivating tips to improve your oral health care habits.

Prophix not only lets you seamlessly integrate the tech you love into your daily routine—you can actually use it to upgrade your oral health care habits!

Now if only we could find a way to digitize deodorant …