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Spring farmer’s market finds that are great for your teeth

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It’s March! Spring has sprung—and with it comes the opening of your local farmer’s market. March also happens to be National Nutrition Month, so it’s the perfect time to get outside, enjoy the balmy breeze, and score some fresh farmer’s market finds!

Everywhere you turn at a farmer’s market, there’s a teetering stack of bright, tempting, locally-grown riches. If you want to pick up some bounty that’s not only terrific for your body, but also for your oral health, seek out foods that are:

High in fiber. High-fiber foods like broccoli, apples, and beans require more chewing. This promotes healthy saliva production (which neutralizes mouth bacteria) and also naturally polishes your teeth.

Calcium-rich. Calcium, along with phosphorus, is a building block of tooth enamel. Eating foods high in calcium helps prevent tooth decay. For those who eat dairy, cheese and yogurt are great; dairy-free options include leafy greens (like kale and spinach), fresh almonds, and figs.

Filled with water. Foods with high water content help you produce more saliva. Raw, firm, crunchy fruits and veggies, like carrots, cucumbers, and celery are your best bets—not only are they full of water, but they also act as a natural abrasive to gently polish teeth.

Happy spring (and happy farmer’s market browsing) from all of us at ONVI!