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Prophix toothbrush feature focus: the photo album

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When it comes to healthy teeth, seeing is believing! The photo album feature of the Prophix app allows you to store any pictures you take with the video toothbrush. You can use your album to track and improve your oral health care routine:

Monitor areas of concern and interest. Snap photos of “problem spots” and other areas that need attention (like cracks or discolorations) and share them with your dentist. Take and review photos of any troublesome spots over time to see if problems are increasing or decreasing.

Track your progress. Has your dentist recommended that you pay more attention to certain spots? Taking regular photos will remind you just where those spots are, and will let you see if you’re making headway on your oral health care goals.

Need a shot of something that’s tricky to reach? The mirror attachment can capture photos of your back molars and other areas that are difficult to see.