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Prophix inventor featured in top health tech blog

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Dr. Craig S. Kohler, Prophix inventor, was featured this month in The Doctor Weighs In, a top health tech blog. 

He spoke about how using live video in his dental practice for the last 20 years positively impacted his patients experience.  

"A former patient of mine used to floss too aggressively, creating several 2-3 mm cuts in her gums around the sides of her teeth. Through the use of video education, she now understands the proper flossing techniques."

Dr. Craig S. Kohler's work with live video in his dental office is what inspired him to develop Prophix. He realized that if patients were able to have a camera at home, and actually see what they're doing, they would be able to clean their teeth with more consistency. That simple idea blossomed into Prophix, an innovative video toothbrush paired with an app that lets you see the spots you miss as you are brushing. 

Read the full article here.