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Introducing Prophix, an innovative way to brush

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Welcome to Prophix! Nothing is more important to us than empowering you to better see, understand, and improve your oral health care. With the launch of Prophix, a groundbreaking new video toothbrush, seeing what’s happening inside your mouth has (literally!) never been easier.

When Prophix inventor Dr. Craig S. Kohler, D.D.S., M.B.A., M.A.G.D., saw that his use of video technology with dental patients helped them understand and improve their oral health care, he set out to bring that technology into the home.

The result is an innovative video toothbrush that pairs wirelessly to an app using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Watch the live video feed while brushing and see spots you might have missed. Use the app to track your progress toward oral health care goals and access motivating tips that help you brush up your routine!


Want to sign up for the latest news? Get updates and preorder your Prophix with four interchangeable brush attachments for the pre-order price of $299.

Not only are we passionate about your oral health—we want to support your total health and wellness. Keep visiting our blog for the latest about cutting-edge oral care, plus healthy living tips that will keep your mouth, your body, and your mind in great shape!


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