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Holiday dental Q&A with the ONVI team

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This holiday season, we thought we’d take some time to answer some pressing oral care questions from some unique folks who really need our advice.

Dear ONVI: The holidays make me irritated and depressed. People like to say it’s because my heart is two sizes too small. But I have a suspicion the problem is related to my teeth. Any advice for fixing these chompers? –Annoyed in Whoville

Grinch Image: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Dear Annoyed: We’ve looked at your photos—did you take them with your Prophix? Nice job!—and we think you’ve got some crowded teeth. Common treatments include braces or more frequent cleanings. Talk to your dentist about what’s right for you, and before you know it, you’ll be in the holiday spirit! –The ONVI Team


Dear ONVI: My teeth are definitely not at their brightest. I get dressed in my spiffiest duds for the holidays, but my smile just doesn’t stack up. I’ve got a lot of winter events to attend. What do you recommend to whiten them up? –Frosty


Dear Frosty: There are a lot of at-home and dental-office whitening treatments out there now, so you’re in luck. But don’t forget that over-bleaching can lead to problems, so proceed with caution—especially on those (*ahem*) rather special cases you’ve got there. –The ONVI Team


Dear ONVI: Garrrghhhh! Tooth hurts! Why tooth hurts? Help! No like! –Mr. Abominable

Image: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Dear Abominable: You’re probably going to need a dentist for that. Have you talked to Hermey the Elf? We hear he’s pretty talented. The ADA even made him a “Dental Do-Gooder”! Good luck, happy holidays, and please don’t eat any reindeer! –The ONVI Team