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Happy National Grandparents Day from Prophix!

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Good news for National Grandparents Day! According to Dr. Judith Ann Jones, a dentist and spokesperson on elder care for the ADA, older Americans are keeping their teeth longer than ever before, and the average number of teeth people are retaining into old age is increasing. Here are some tips for keeping those teeth strong and healthy as you age:

Brush twice a day—it’s more important than ever.

The calcium and phosphate in saliva protects against tooth decay, so cavities are more likely to develop if you take prescription medications that cause dry mouth. Using the Prophix app to track your oral care routines will help you brush thoroughly and regularly. (An electronic toothbrush also offers relief for arthritic hands.)

Clean carefully between any crowded teeth.

According to Dr. Lee W. Graber, past president of the American Association of Orthodontists, your teeth may shift as you age, causing tooth crowding. This can lead to bacteria-attracting particles getting stuck between teeth more easily. Use the rubber tip or prophy cup attachments that come with your Prophix toothbrush to dislodge them.

See a dentist regularly.

Your dentist can help detect signs of serious oral health conditions that aging makes you more vulnerable to, like gum disease, periodontitis, or oral cancer. Share photos you’ve stored in your Prophix photo album of anything that’s causing concern, like discoloration, cracks, or crowding.

Follow these preventative steps to ensure that every Grandparents Day is full of smiles!

National Grandparents Day 2016 falls on September 11th. Give yourself (or your grandparent) the gift of a new Prophix toothbrush by clicking here!