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Prophix toothbrush feature focus: the prophy cup

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Did you know that professional dental care is sometimes called prophylaxis (or "prophy" for short)? It’s a Greek word meaning "to prevent beforehand." This is where the "prophy cup" gets its name. It’s a small rubber cup that helps to prevent gum disease by polishing away buildup that attracts bacteria.

Prophix comes with its own prophy cup attachment, along with three other brushing attachments which help you personalize your brushing routine.

A dental hygienist uses a similar attachment when you’re getting your teeth cleaned. Know that smooth, “squeaky-clean” feeling after a dental visit? That’s the prophy cup at work. Used with a gently abrasive cleaning paste, it helps to get rid of the plaque deposits that harmful bacteria like to cling to.

Use the prophy cup attachment with your Prophix toothbrush to get that squeaky-clean feel!