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Customizing your oral care with the prophy cup

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Prophix comes with its own prophy cup attachment, along with three other brushing attachments to help you personalize your oral health care routine.

What is the Prophy Cup?
Professional dental care is sometimes called prophylaxis (or "prophy" for short), which is where the "prophy cup" gets its name. It’s a small rubber cup that follows the contours of your teeth to polish away stubborn plaque buildup. A dental hygienist uses a similar attachment when you’re getting your teeth cleaned.

When Should I Use It?
The prophy cup is perfect for the following oral care issues:

Light wine, tea, coffee, or soda stains on teeth. If you have faint discoloration from your favorite beverages, the prophy cup can greatly assist in polishing it away.

Plaque buildup. The prophy cup helps remove plaque that has accumulated under the gum line and between teeth. Keeping plaque at bay between dental visits can prevent a host of oral health problems, including inflammation (gingivitis) and gum disease.


Use the prophy cup along with other Prophix attachments, such as the brush or the rubber tip, to give that extra boost to your brushing routine. Talking to your dentist about your specific oral health situation and what you can do to address it at home will help you determine the combination of tools that’s exactly right for you.

Once you start using the prophy cup, snap some baseline photos or take some videos with Prophix and store them in the gallery. You can compare them to later photos and videos to see the progress you’ve made.